Rally is chock full of benefits & has something for everyone:

  • Great fun! Attitudes and scoring are considerably relaxed in comparison to Obedience, and NQ’s are relatively rare.
  • It’s the perfect place to get started in AKC Companion Events or UKC Performance Events – Ideal for youngsters as well as owners & dogs new to training & competing for titles.
  • Ring experience – Owners can provide encouragement, build confidence and work through challenges to help accustom their dogs to working comfortably in an actual trial without feeling the pressure & seriousness of the Obedience ring.
  • Training – Rally includes heeling, but is more about the components involved in executing each station, so it affords the opportunity to practice, test & hone various skill sets with the added bonuses of working in a real trial setting & chance to qualify & title.
  • Progression choices – Rally starts out with the basics, but unlike the entry level Obedience classes, there are many more exercises, and they vary from one trial to the next.  Owners can enjoy staying at the novice level for a long time if they choose, and still enjoy the fun & challenge of a different grouping & sequencing of the many possible exercises each time in the ring.  Owners can also take advantage of how Rally works to build a foundation and advance gradually and/or expand into other activities.
  • Breed club members can support Specialty trials with Rally entries, and some breed clubs (to include the Kuvasz Club of America) have awards programs that include Rally titles.
  • In breeds that do not typically have large numbers of dogs participating in Rally (to include Bulldogs & Kuvasz), setting breed history, attaining national rankings, and earning class wins & placements are within grasp.
  • UKC has a recognition program called “All Stars” for all dogs that excel in Rally by earning scores above 90.
  • UKC also offers “Total Dog” awards for dogs who qualify in a performance event (to include Rally) & earn a win over competition in conformation at the same show.

 Bea has put Rally titles on 11 dogs:

Bulldogs:  Diesel, Moxie, Tipsy, Rowdy, Jack, Oakley
Kuvasz: Legend, Ruby, Jello, Penny, Angel

The 11 dogs above have earned a total of 25 Rally titles:

                                              RN – 11     RA – 7     RE – 5     RAE – 2                                               

Bea & Legend earned the first Kuvasz Rally Advanced Excellent title.
Legend’s daughter, Moola, is the first/only RAE 2 Kuvasz titleholder.
Moxie & her entire litter are titled in Rally.
Oakley is a 4th generation Rally titleholder who got her RN just 5 days after turning 6 months old.

Wildwood Kuvasz and Bulldogs have been Nationally ranked in Rally, as published by Front & Finish.

Wildwood dogs titled in Rally by friends: