Kuvasz Club of America Performance Award – Versatility

Jello is our Ruby’s daughter

AKC Champion
Finished from the Bred By Exhibitor Class

AKC Novice Jumper Preferred (NJP)
All 3 legs with Class placements
First Kuvasz BREEDER/OWNER/HANDLED to an Agility title

AKC Rally Novice (RN)
Class placer

Titled in Breed, Agility & Rally
Kuvasz Club of America’s Versatility Performance Award (VPA)

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

OFA Good Hips
OFA Normal Patellas
OFA Normal Thyroid
PRA Normal (both parents tested & have OFA normal results)
DM Normal (both parents tested & have OFA normal results)
CERF (2008)
CHIC #44311
See Jello’s OFA health testing page at:

Jello & dam, Ruby

Jello’s OFA elbow evaluation came back as Degenerative Joint Disease Unilateral Grade I Elbow Right.
This means: mild dysplasia in the right elbow only; normal left elbow.
As a puppy, Jello was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) which caused her limbs to become deformed.
She was very painful for months, could barely move around, and we were afraid we might lose her because the disease
can be fatal or even make euthanasia the kindest option.  We toughed it out together, though, and nursed her along with
rounds of antibiotics and painkillers/anti-inflammatories.  We made her move some, even though she didn’t want to,
since we were told that keeping HOD afflicted pups mobile may be crucial to their recovery.  Eventually she pulled
through and regained normal appearance & function.  The cause of HOD is unknown, but the disease affects the
long bones, so it remains unclear what role HOD may have played in Jello’s elbow dysplasia (ED) assessment. 

We opted not to breed her because of the OFA evaluation of elbow dysplasia.  She was never lame again after beating HOD,
and went on to easily earn her AKC Breed Championship at 16 mo. of age, an Agility Title at 2 ½ yrs. of age, and a Rally Novice title
at a little over 4 yrs. of age.  If it weren’t for radiographic findings, we would not have known Jello had ED since she exhibited no
outward signs.  Jello’s elbows were x-rayed in 2005, and again almost 3 years later.  There was no worsening, and no surgical intervention.
She was retired after earning her rally title to enjoy a carefree life & blessed us with her sweet company til the grand old age of 15 years & 5 months!

Born 6/17/02
Owned by Bea & Clay Page
Bred by Lynn Brady/Connie Townsend/Bea Page
Homed at Wildwood