Kuvasz Puppies

We are no longer breeding.  If you are seeking a Kuvasz puppy, please check with our friends at Szumeria.  They can be contacted at <Szumeria@me.com> and their website can be found at SzumeriaKuvasz.com

Please be sure to visit the website for the AKC parent club for the breed – Kuvasz Club of America.  We urge all prospective Kuvasz buyers to study the AKC/KCA Kuvasz standard and seek out breeders who strive to produce Kuvasz that meet all aspects of the standard, and who health test their breeding stock.  Below are photos of Wildwood pups for your viewing pleasure. 

R Side-Girl  2011 cal pic2 for April pup bowl  Dot-toy lamb 8-18-05
Stop & Smell the Roses...  5wk old pup  Hannah Page with 6 wk Legend x Penny pup 9-5-05

Wiggle Board 6 wks 6 wk pup - agility tunnel DSCN0491        DSCN0405  DSCN0397
DSCN0455  Angel at 10 wks w Diesel