No Titles…

No Placements…

No Rankings…

But WINNERS in our hearts!

We did not seek these dogs out to join our family of Wildwood show & performance dogs. Their unfortunate circumstances landed them at our door, and we could not turn them away.  None of us can save all dogs in need or take in more than our resources allow, but we gladly came to the rescue of these innocent beings whom we affectionately refer to as our Wildwood Whatnots!

Dixie with Diesel 2

Dixie with Clay & other dogs 2  Dixie sit
Dixie – joined our family in 2000 – passed in 2011.

Wylie nanny

Wylie – also known as “Nanny Fine” – joined our family in 2009.

Keeper Feb 2017    Keeper with Clay & Mox
Keeper – joined our family in 2009.


Gypsy – joined our family in 2011 – passed in 2012.